Hand Grips Strengthener Men and Women Arm Spring Finger Massager

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Product sellpoints 5-60KG Counting Adjustable Grip Strength Device for Men and Women Training Hand Strength, Wrist Strength, Finger Strength Device, Fitness Equipment TPE Glue Pack Hand Grip Strengthener Men and Women Arm Spring Finger Massager Expander Hand Exercise Gym Fitness Training Wrist Gripper Counting Grip Strength Machine Fitness Exercise Finger Arm Strength Machine Muscle Wrist Strength Rehabilitation Training Puller Finger Grip Strength Machine hand gripper

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Second Generation — New Upgrade

Comfortable rubber non-slip handles and top quality design with stainless steel extension springs. Durable and safe, it will not damage your hands and fingers.

The Hand Gripper is ergonomically designed and suitable for all age groups and any hand sizes.

Adjustable Resistance: Easily adjust resistance from 10 lb. to 110 lb.to fit any training level, beginners to advanced.

Perfect for rock climbers, bodybuilders, golfers, surfers, tennis players, drummers, guitarists, pianists, massage therapists, baseball players and violin players. Also beneficial for people who have arthritis, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Training Site
    Department Name
  • Function
    Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
    A Type Gripper
  • Origin
    Mainland China
    Type of sports
    Muscle Relexation
  • Material
    aluminum metal
    100 lb
  • feature 1
    5-60Kg Adjustable Heavy Gripper
    feature 2
    Fitness Hand Exerciser Grip
  • feature 3
    Wrist Training Increase Strength
    feature 4
    Spring Finger Pinch
  • feature 5
    Carpal Expander
    feature 6
    R-Shape Adjustable Countable Hand Grip
  • feature 7
    Strength Exercise Gripper with Counter
    feature 8
    Durable Hand Strength Exercise
  • feature 9
    Fitness Tool
    feature 10
    R-shaped spring grip
  • feature 11
    professional wrist strength arm muscle
    feature 12
    finger rehabilitation training exercise fitness
  • feature 13
    Hand Grips Strengthene
    feature 14
    Men and Women Arm Spring Finger Massager Expander
  • feature 15
    Gym Fitness Training Wrist Gripper


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