Teeth Brace Protection for Kids


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Sports Mouth Guard EVA Teeth Protector Kids Youth Mouthguard Tooth Brace Protection for Basketball, Rugby, Boxing, Karate.

Key Product Features
The mouth guard is a lightweight and easy-to-use accessory designed to provide superior protection for your teeth and gums whilst boxing, playing hockey, sparring, or performing other contact sports.

The gum shield is made from 100% latex-free EVA; an extremely durable, yet soft and flexible, synthetic material designed to resist impacts and protect your teeth and gums from harm during training or competitions.

The mouth guard provides exceptional protection for the teeth and gums when equipped, reducing the odds of you chipping a tooth or cutting your gums, without impacting your breathing.

Designed to perfectly fit your mouth; the Proworks gum shield utilizes the “boil and bites” design to morph perfectly to your teeth and gums; resulting in an exact fit every time.

Product Dimensions: 5.9*5*1.9cm | Please hand-wash with mild detergent for best results. Includes a hygienic carry case.


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