Return and Refund Policy

General Q & A:

You can check the order status by the tracking code you receive after your purchase. The code will be sent to you directly by us and you can check at each moment the shipping status.

Yes, you can change the order but before the payment.

Watersportshop will ship directly at the address you will share. It can be your home or your office.

We offer free shipping most of the times. We guarantee you to receive the order within 20/25 work days since your order is being processed on the website.


You can pay online thorugh Paypal, Google Payment or directly thrugh your debit card.

The considered currency is Euro. The change between dollar and euro is 1: 1 and can be subject to changes.

Yes we do, this will allow you to choose the institution that make possible the payment and the commission you should pay.


The shipping is to your home or to your office. You have to settle it after making the payment, directly on the check-out page on our website.

The free-shipping plan offers you free delivery within 20/25 working days.

Fast shipping is possible with an increase in the shipping rate. Please let us know if you need this service.

Yes thorugh COD our shipping will be constatly checked.

Your pack will be mantained by the shipping company at its local office. Please for any issue contact directly the shipping company.

Yes you will. Taxes are applied on each purchase.


Returns are accepeted only if the product received is different from what you purchased. This is the case of errors by our side. We will provide refound in this case.

No, due to changes in our policy it is not possible anymore to exchange an item.

Returns are not free if you want to give back the purchase due to some missing quality. You will be charged of the price of shipping. If the product is wrong we will provide you with all the necessities for shipping back the item.

It usually takes 2-3 working days. For complicated issues it can takes more days.

Other questions:

How does it work? Yes you can invite your friends or parents on our store. You will be the person that will receive a discount and advantages when making a purchase from us.

No, we are not physically located but we have our e-commerce and social media accounts that gives us a presence online.

Purchases are in warranty for a limited time period. It is usually 2 years from the purchase.